Charting the South Alabama Game

The South Alabama game was all about inside zone runs and a ton of different motions.  Nebraska showed 4 different inside zone variants, 1 option, 6 outside zone plays, 1 QB Power Sweep, 4 Power/Counter plays, and 3 jet sweeps.  Within those, let’s take a look at how Langsdorf and Riley established the run to the tune of 37 carries for 258 yards. Continue reading “Charting the South Alabama Game”

Taking Requests – 2015 Season Edition

First, as you’ll note the address for the site has changed to  You should automatically be forwarded from the old URL, but if anybody is having issues, let me know and I’ll look into it.

Second, while I work through the 2015 film over the next couple of months, let me know if you have any requested areas you’d like me to focus on.  With the base stuff soon-to-be-complete from the BYU, South Alabama, Miami and Southern Miss games, my plan is to hit each game from that point on with any new looks that we showed, offensively and defensively.  That said, if you want to take a look at specific players or revisit offensive or defensive concepts (QB run game, zone pressure coverages, etc.), drop a comment in one of the posts and I’ll get some tape up.

Finally, I’ve spoken to a couple of you offline about this, but I’m always open to guest posts from Nebraska high school coaches or others in that region.  Could be about schemes you use, could be drills, hell, it could be how you go about managing your practices to get the most out of them.  I envision this whole project as a resource not just for Nebraska fans to learn about the Huskers, but also as a coaching resource to pool the collective knowledge of those coaches who will hopefully send kids to Nebraska down the line.  If you have something you’d like to discuss or share, drop your email in with a comment and I’ll follow up with you.

Opening press conference for Spring Ball.  What a great time of the year. 

Blackshirts Blitz Package – South Alabama

Against South Alabama, Nebraska fans got their first extended look at Mark Banker’s blitz package.  Perhaps feeling comfortable with the match up between the Blackshirt DBs and South Alabama’s receivers, Banker ran a lot of Cover 0 and 1 Pressures and also mixed in some fire zones as well.  Although the box score only showed 2 sacks for Nebraska, the Blackshirts were able to generate consistent pressure all game long from bringing extra men and asking their DBs to win on the outside.  Let’s take a look at a couple of Nebraska’s 6-man pressures from that game. Continue reading “Blackshirts Blitz Package – South Alabama”